I am a User Experience Designer in Singapore. Surrounded by multiple cultures from young, the environment has instilled an understanding of how cultures vary and how appreciation of these difference enhance us and not cause diversion. This blog is where I would like to share my thoughts about design, culture, travels and my life.

Since young I’ve enjoyed the challenge of fixing things and this interest in understanding how things work and how to make them better lead me to study Mechanical and Production Engineering in Nanyang Technological University. My final year project designing a Training program for Night Vision Goggles was the start to this wonderful journey I’ve been on in Human Factors Engineering where I understood more about Cognitive Ergonomics, Research Methodology, Human Computer Interaction, Statistics and more.

While my journey started off designing interfaces and consulting with development teams on product trade-offs (make it usable and meeting consumer needs while keeping within the constraint of the product), it has morphed to be much more. Where holistic understanding of the user, business and technology come together to create meaningful and engaging experiences.

I am excited about the future of the field and how it morphs, hence this forum to share my thoughts and ideas.